Plant Trio

Plant Trio

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Plant Started Pack (NO POTS) 

Become an instant plant parent with this easy to care trio of gorgeous little bebe's 

Plant 1:

Sanseveria plant family is very low maintenance, easy care.Sans take almost any type of light. Bright light or dim light. Perfect for a bathroom or a forgotten area.They take very little water also, do not overwater. Water when soil is very dry. They make babies next to the stalks, you can separate them apart to propagate or leave to grow large.


Plant 2:

Pilea peperomides, the money plant. PET FRIENDLY. Popular, easy to grow. Bright light, no sun required, likes water but do not oversaturate. Rotate plant every so often to get regular growth around all sides. Divide the babies off and give to friends or let grow large.


Plant 3: 

Philodendron is a huge plant family. Monstera is in that family, as is the swiss cheese plant, which is DIFFERENT than a typical monstera. Cutout swiss cheese leaves, will trail down on vines. Best in a hanging basket or on a shelf or similar. Bright light, no sun, not too dry of a room, loves water but let dry between watering. Very easy to grow with regular watering, one of my favorites.

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